Thursday, January 22, 2015

What is the Difference Between "Driving Traffic" and "Optimizing" Website

​Driving traffic and optimizing certain affiliate websites/products that we already have setup must be handled or managed in a custom way, depending on the available affiliate product or what product is being marketed.

First, to clarify these terms before we proceed and to avoid confusion. We must be able to define what is "Driving traffic" and "optimizing" because if we can't define these 2 terms, definitely or mostly what would instinct to our minds is that we create backlinks from the different blogs; websites; forums; social media accounts and any other places on the internet that we could possibly drop our hyperlinks/backlinks that would let the readers visit to our website. If that is the set of perspective we have in our mind, then we are not driving any traffic to our affiliate website/product page with the potential readers/buyers/visitors that we wanted to supposedly and also we are not optimizing our affiliate website/product page as well. In fact we are not making any sale to our campaign! What is being done are just creating spams from different website location with a series of temporary traffic to our website. And these are called trash visitors of our website.

So to define, "driving traffic" with the potential buyers/readers/visitors to our website is the key to make a sale. It means, we have to determine who are those potential buyers/readers/visitors by knowing our affiliate products better! If we know that our affiliate product is about make up and cosmetics, then we already know our target buyers and where to find them.
Target buyers: Girls ages around 18 to 30.

Where to Find them: Facebook or other social media accounts (Not all social media accounts are useful but it depends on your campaign. I mean if you are to find for Girls ages around 18 to 30, then definitely you won't find them on --- a pornographic social media account --- let's just say that exist to make an example and let's make it simple let's assume we are using

So from there, we could gather potential buyers/readers/visitors to visit our website that is more probable to purchase (at least 80% to 90% are potential buyers) on our affiliate products. --- So that's it! The overall process called "Driving Traffic".

"Optimizing" affiliate website/product page is much more complicated and most likely not applicable for affiliate websites. "Optimizing" or SEO is a process wherein you need to create a good reputation for your business website and promote integrity in order for Google to rank your website from the keywords you wanted for your business website visibility. So this mean no black-hat strategy and it would take time for you to earn that trust and authoritative value from Google. So let's say you wanted to rank for that certain keyword/s you have to earn that by posting your articles within your blog accounts or any other niche/s using your correlated accounts! You don't need any backlinking in order for Google to determine that certain keyword is merited to your website. ("I hope you get the idea and I see many still don't understand the concept") Before, Google's page-ranking factors was backlinking --- the more backlinks the more credits/merits going to your website. Now, the more consistent you are and follow the Google Guidelines, your website gets great ranking on its SERPS.

This is to support my earlier blog post on "Understanding the Different Concepts of Online Marketing and SEO" --- These are just some of the ranking factors that Google may be considering in Ranking a Website or Webpage.

(These are just theories and believed to be true according to the writer of the post or blog post. But these theories maybe true or somewhat closely relative to the most correct procedure. Also, I wanted to emphasize that I have tried and tested these theories on an actual website optimization).

We all have our own set of ideas and rights to share a blog post! Every writer's or webmaster's right and all these theories are just self acclaimed by the Author only. Google has no participation in this assumption but they can always attest and confirm if these are true or closely related to the correct methods.

Understanding the Different Concepts of Online Marketing and SEO

Before you begin your online business campaign or any online campaign (I'm sure some of you already have a list of methods or approaches for your online business campaign), just pause for awhile and try to analyze or understand what you are really trying to achieve with your online business campaign. When you say "Online Marketing" and/or "SEO", you should know the definition of those (2) terms to determine your goals and you may want to achieve with your online business campaign. Also, you should know the difference between those (2) terms for you to define and not to be confused with your main goals you want to focus on in achieving your main purpose of your online business campaign. Those (2) terms have completely different methods or approach with (1) the same goal to achieve, and that is to promote your business website/s.

"I wanted to specify this, it is because there are still other people that really don't understand its concepts."

When they heard of those terms such; online marketing, SEO, online advertising, business promotions and etc... there is only one thing that they could come up on their minds then, and that "backlinking"! Why is it that certain method, which is normally used in internet terminology as for connecting 2 webpages as hyperlink creating a much faster redirection from one page to another for the reader's benefit, is now being abused by some "so-called" SEO workersBefore, if I'm not mistaken way back 2 or 3 years ago, that was quite effective and a lot of spammers were dominating the internet world (these are the "so-called" SEO workers I am referring to) which gave Google's database really quite a load of unrelevant information on their data storage! 

(We all know or we may have different concepts of their algorithm change since then up to now which I will skip it through because that is not my main topic for today). 

As Google's Algorithm have been updated from time to time, one of their factors in ranking a webpage or website is not focused on those spammy backlinks anymore! There are considering other factors aside from that. One of those factors MIGHT be correlation of the different accounts of a certain author/writer/publisher/webmaster or any person's entity. These accounts would be; email (gmail) along with its other accounts being used to register on that certain email (gmail) (social media accounts, website community accounts, forum accounts & etc.) In that way, even if you post a certain information or content from your certain account and then you repeatedly re-posted it to your other accounts, that won't matter on Google (they won't penalize your page account for duplication of content) it is because, it came from one person's idea or one source only. Also, that is already one factor that Google will give credit on your authoritative or trust value as an author/writer/publisher/webmaster. 

Just by being consistent with your idea and NOT copying ideas from others, that is your key to becoming more valuable in Google's eye! So no backlinks needed but instead being consistent with your contents/ideas using your only one Gmail account and that's it!

So for those SEO workers that are still having backlinking methods, you may want to stop for a awhile and read more information about it! Don't limit your knowledge with doing all those sorts of backlinking and backlinking and backlinking... You are just wasting your time and it risked your website's campaign for doing that.

Just be consistent and do follow what Google's Guidelines in Search Engine Optimization. Learn to read and don't spam the internet.

I have tried this already and experimented on things. Also, doing research and research which all these information are just accumulated from experience, stock knowledge, reading Google Guidelines (updates) and yeah socializing with the right people who are already expert on Online Marketing. With constant reading on Google's guidelines, you should be able to know the right person who are experts on Online Marketing and SEO because they follow what Google wanted to be implemented. TRUST ME.

If I can get at least 10 expert and known people on the said field of expertise  to give +1 on my post, then this information is truly valuable. (A "so-called" Online Marketer/SEO Expert is not going to give a +1 on this post).

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Make Money Online in Simple Easy Steps

The internet is a vast marketplace for any kinds of businesses from all over the world. Imagine in a certain marketplace in your area where you can see a lot of vendors selling their own products and buyers looking for their needs to acquire from the vendors found in the market. It’s a crowded place where lots of people (buyers and sellers) interacting with each other for any sorts of businesses they have for each other. Also, not to mention there are other people as well who takes advantage with the situation which we can consider them as an illegitimate or unwanted individuals to be part of the community. I mean we can’t deny the fact that in places like these there would be thieves, pickpocketers, treacherous people, and any sorts of unwanted behaviors.

Also, these kinds of places are also a good opportunity for you to start your own business. An ideal place to start and grow your business using with the proper methods or procedures in order for you to become successful.
Start Making Money Today!

Are you asking me why? Or is it true that a marketplace is a good place to start your business?

YES! It is because, with the vast number of people (buyers and sellers) in the area, it gives you an opportunity to reach out for your potential customers going to your business. It gives you the advantage to market your businesses easily and while your interact with them personally.

Back to the online world, imagine if the marketplace is the whole world where a lot of sellers and buyers interact with each other with their own businesses. Have you think of any businesses that you are going to start? Or where would you start? Or have you considered the fact that with the vast population of businesses from all over the world you’ll be having a lot of competitors or even worst, scammers that could greatly affect your motivation or determination in starting a business online? It doesn’t matter what your answer would be, what would really matter is if you’re going to take the risk or not. And setting up a business is already a risk.

Ways to Make Money Online

      Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products in your website or blog or any niche you may wish to post and advertise other people’s products along with your affiliate ID or affiliate code, which is that most important when promoting affiliate products.

    So simple! Right? But how will you market those products if you don’t know how?

    Don’t you worry everything is already been covered up or should I say there are steps and procedures already been prepared for you which is proven effective.

    With Niche Profit Classroom, an affiliating network which can help you create more sales with your affiliate products by giving you creative ideas using their tools to effectively grow your online business. It’s a free video tutorial which you can watch and repeat it every time you may wish to watch it again.
    I have been through the NPC and these are some of the affiliating websites I currently have:

      Freelance Website Designer

    If affiliate marketing is just too much for you to bear in making money online, then I suggest and if you have the skills, you can work for clients who are requiring for your set of particular skills in website development or website designing. All you need is a reliable internet connection and your own computer to do your tasks.

    Where to look for clients?

    I suggest you go to,! The best and most trusted leading freelance website that can help you secure an employer and is guaranteed that you’re paid properly with each task you have completed.